Château du Clos Lucé

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Enter into the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci at the Château du Clos Lucé with a personalised sponsorship

Being a partner of the Château du Clos Lucé is a way of associating your company name with a universal genius and benefiting from his reputation. The Château du ClosLucé in the heart of the Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is often the subject of media articles and features all over the world.

Each customised partnership helps to keep this iconic visitor attraction going, a place that represents creative endeavour and innovation since the Renaissance.

Your contribution can be financial or in kind and skills-based. This latter form of sponsorship places you at the heart of the project by making use of your company’s expertise.

Associate your company with a project in tune with your image and in line with your strategy:
-restoration work in room and building interiors,
-temporary exhibitions,
-facilities and equipment designed to improve the visitor experience and access for disabled visitors.

Being a sponsor of the Château du Clos Lucé enables you to benefit from a reduction in corporation tax of:
60% for any act of sponsorship (up to a ceiling of 0.5% of turnover before tax, with the possibility of carrying over any surplus to the following five financial years)
90% for the purchase of a ’National Treasure’ (capped at 50% of corporation tax due)

Other benefits in addition tothe tax incentive (up to 25% of the amount sponsored):
- availability of venues for your PR events, press events, seminars, etc.
- complimentary admission for your employees and customers,
- private tours of the Château du Clos Lucé and exhibitions,
- guaranteed visibility in the project communication media.

Plus other benefits tailored specifically to you.


Sponsorship, a gesture within everyone’s reach

Anyone can become a sponsor of the Château du Clos Lucé, donating whatever they can afford.

All donations, even small ones, help to support our projects designed to develop, restore and enhance the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci:
- restoration work in room and building interiors,
- temporary exhibitions,
- facilities and equipment designed to improve the visitor experience and access for disabled visitors.

By becoming a sponsor, you benefit from a tax reduction of 66% on the amount of your donation for any initiative you choose to join (up to an annual limit of 20% of your taxable income). If this is exceeded, you have the option of carrying over the benefit of the reduction to the following five years.

Other benefits in addition to the tax incentive:

- You will receive a Carte Ambassadeur. This card entitles you to the following benefits:
Reduced-rate admission for accompanying persons: €9.50 in high season and €7.50 in low season
Special invitations to the openings of our cultural events
Special reduction of25% off tickets for cultural events
Reduction of 10% in the cultural gift shop
Reduction of 5% at the restaurants (Table du Moulin and Terrasse Renaissance).
A complimentary apéritif offered by Sieur Sausin with the Renaissance set menus at the Auberge du Prieuré.

- You will become a the member of the Friends of Leonardo da Vinci Association

Projects made possible by sponsorship

’My Mona Lisa’ exhibition
In partnership with the Hayashibara Foundation

Established in 1952, the Hayashibara Foundation is a Japanese non-governmental organisation whose missions are funded by the equity held by the Hayashibara family and donations from associate member companies. The Hayashibara Foundation supports projects in the arts, culture, social initiatives and scientific research.

Naming of the Mona Lisa rose
In partnership with Meilland International

Since 1850, Meilland has been breeding and naming roses after prestigious patrons including Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, Jacques Prévert, Paul McCartney and Victor Hugo. The Mona Lisa rose is the result of years of research carried out by the famous rose breeder Meilland International.

Exhibition of 40 models
In partnership with IBM

Thanks to the partnership with IBM, 40 of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest inventions have been built from his designs with the materials of the time: the first aeroplane, the automobile, the helicopter, the tank, the parachute, and more…