Château du Clos Lucé

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From the President


Welcome to Leonardo’s house

It was at the Château du Clos Lucé that Leonardo da Vinci lived for the last three years of his life, painting and working at his myriad interests. He died there on 2nd May 1519, at the age of 67. We have tried to bring this house back to life again, and give it the appearance that Leonardo knew, to restore both the walls, beams, chimneys and frescoes, and the enlightened spirit that reigned here during the dazzling period of the Renaissance.

In his residence, you will find the everyday atmosphere that Leonardo would have known, when he came to live out his days in the light of Touraine, which reminded him so much of Tuscany.

You will encounter Leonardo the engineer, through a surprising collection of forty machines invented five centuries before their time. They have been created by IBM from the drawings of a man who had dreamed of the future for so long and anticipated it.

Leonardo invented everything by observing nature. In the "Parc Leonardo da Vinci" and the new "Leonardo’s Garden", you will discover the genius’s whole world, during a journey which introduces it to you and teaches you about it during a walk along a countryside display.

You can make 18 giant interactive models work, and admire the 40 translucent canvases among the trees representing the Master’s principal works of art. You can also listen to Leonardo telling you his secrets and sharing his fabulous intuitive leaps with you, through sound posts.

Our objectives are to improve the quality of the visit every year, to make visitors within these walls admire his extraordinary visionary genius, and to make Leonardo da Vinci more real. 

This is a passionate adventure that we share with our collaborators like a mission: that of opening up the residence of one of the greatest of humanity’s geniuses to the curiosity and the pleasure of the public. A “stone by stone” adventure, for the love of beauty. 

Our aim is to bring this place of memories to life, to make this residence a place of living heritage, to make this historical site a chateau for the future.

Le Clos Lucé is a link between the present, the past and the future – a place of awakening, life and knowledge, whose vocation is to give to the public the keys to understanding universal genius, and to introduce the civilising phenomenon of the Renaissance.

The wonder of an interpreted encounter with one of the most complete intelligences in our history.

When you visit the Château du Clos Lucé, you are participating directly in its restoration. In making it known, you are contributing to spreading its influence.

Your presence is a great encouragement to us.

François Saint Bris

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