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Leonardo da Vinci Prize


Leonardo da Vinci Prize

The Leonardo da Vinci Prize was created in 2011 on the initiative of the Henokiens Association of family businesses in existence for more than two hundred years and the Château du Clos Lucé - Parc Leonardo da Vinci, a cultural business and the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci.
The mission of the Château du Clos Lucé is to pass on the legacy, universal memory and knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci and to promote the value of highly skilled know-how.
The Henokiens Association, founded in 1981, devotes itself to standing up for and promoting the passing on of the intangible and living heritage of two-hundred-year-old family businesses all over the world.
The missions of the Château du Clos Lucé and Henokiens Association meet and converge in the tradition and passing on of an intangible, living heritage in the name of the figure who was the greatest possessor of universal talents.
The Leonardo da Vinci Prize  is part of the process of passing on our heritage in the sameway that Leonardo da Vinci passed on his skills to his pupils in the spirit ofthe Renaissance.
The Leonardo da Vinci Prize is awarded to a family business for its outstanding ability to pass onto future generations a set of cultural values and know-how and particular techniques that together make up an intangible and living heritage which are an essential guarantee of its continuity.
This heritage is expressed in the fidelity of these businesses to their traditions, their industry, a product or cause, a region or local area, and above all their family history.
Five fundamental values are necessary for the success of a heritage business and to enable it to be long-lasting.

  • History and tradition 
  • Business and family
  • Fidelity and commitment
  • Memory and passing on of heritage
  • Innovationand modernity

Selection Criteria

Quantitative criteria

 Target : family businesses of which the owner-directors are the main shareholders, either on their own or with members of their family.

  • Business longevity criterion: more than two generations
  • Turnover criterion: more than three million euros.

Qualitative criteria

Five fundamental values are necessary for the success of a heritage business and to enable it to be long-lasting.

  • History and tradition: tradition is at the heart of the mission of the heads of family businesses.
  •  Business and family: founding a family and founding a business involve similar commitments, which involve an ethical approach to business common to the whole family.
  •  Fidelity and commitment: the family business undertakes to ensure the continuation of a set of cultural and humanist values, skills and particular technologies that make up an "intangible and living heritage" that is an essential guarantee of continuity.
  •   Memory and passing on of heritage: the director of a family business does not simply leave a business to his or her successor but passes on a personal and original vision of his or her profession in a relationship with time that is considered to be a "raw material".
  •  Innovation and modernity: Preparing for the future is about anticipating. Like Leonardo da Vinci, family businesses must strive resolutely to innovate to remain competitive.

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 On June 18, 2015 in Mantua, the 5th «Leonardo da Vinci Prize» was awarded at the prestigious Bibiena Theater to Mr. Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Head of the Global Business Unit Imaging of Bracco Imaging S.p.A., by Mrs. Emma Marcegaglia, Vice President of Marcegaglia SpA, President of ENI, former Head of Confindustria and President of Business Europe and Messrs Willem van Eeghen, President of the Henokiens association and François Saint Bris, President of LeChâteau du Clos Lucé - Parc Leonardo da Vinci.

 Bracco has operated in the Health care sector for over 80 years to promote more in depth-understanding, to shorten diagnostic times and to encourage a culture of prevention through the development of cutting edge products and solutions. Bracco’s goal is to preserve the richness of today’s society and promote the things that drive research forward in human health. These also include the company’s constant commitment to safeguarding the environment and its support to cultural initiative.

 In his speech, the Henokiens President Willem van Eeghen underscored that the «Leonardo da Vinci Prize» is awarded to family companies that have demonstrated an exceptional ability to transmit to future generations a set of cultural values and know-how forming a living heritage and, as such, these companies have all the intangible and essential guarantees for continuity. He stressed the idea that Bracco, this exemplary enterprise lead by an outstanding family is like Leonardo da Vinci, an extraordinary champion, Just like a champion Bracco, has had the capacity to strive, to be creative and courageous, to practice self discipline, while having the resilience to fail and recover at times. The President concluded in presenting Bracco like a true Champion in its business area, but, also a Champion for its humanism and its strong will to succeed for itself and for others.

 François Saint Bris said he was particularly proud and happy to honor an exemplary Italian company, homeland of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest anatomists of all time, who devoted himself to studying every aspect of anatomy and physiology. For François Saint Bris, echoing the discoveries made by Leonardo da Vinci, there is a great resonance between his ground-breaking experimental work in unravelling the secrets of human anatomy and the concrete technological solutions that Bracco brings to building machines and finding solutions to help cure the human body and restore its health and well-being. Finally, François Saint Bris stressed that Bracco perfectly embodies and illustrates the vision, commitment and loyalty of a family to a tradition while maintaining an innovative, modern attitude. To him, the 5th “Leonardo da Vinci Prize” awards an exemplary family business and its tremendous human adventure of almost a century.

 Awarding the «Leonardo da Vinci Prize» to Bracco, Mrs. Emma Marcegaglia emphasized how this family company represented a remarkable long-term commitment succeeding in combining courage and patience to become one of the leaders of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, areas where one must invest over many years before an idea becomes a product. Bracco’s constant R&D investment of some 9% of its turnover is undoubtedly part of its success and an example that many other industries should look to. Mrs. Marcegaglia underlined that this investment in capital and human talent in innovation isn’t just about maintaining a viable business, it is also a direct social contribution that benefits Italy and Europe in terms of jobs, know-how and competitiveness. For Mrs. Marcegaglia, the company’s slogan «Life from inside» refers to more than their work in the life sciences area but equally to Bracco’s own organization, the people who founded the business, the managers who carry it forward and, of course, all the employees who have turned dreams into realities.

 Receiving the «Leonardo da Vinci Prize» Mr. Fulvio Renoldi Bracco underlined that family companies has the soul of the entrepreneur who has worked to build a life-long project and in which each such generation brings its own original contribution: from researching market potential, to the implementation of an integrated industry and, with Diana Bracco, to innovation an internationalization. Each generation of the Bracco family has enriched the original foundation. Mr. Bracco used the word "Excellence" to symbolize these achievements which today after nearly 90 years have resulted in an international presence in 100 countries and revenue of more than one billion euro. For Mr. Bracco, the strategy of the group based on “R&I” quality and internationalization, has enabled it to become a multinational company with a broad portfolio of products and solutions for all diagnostic modalities. Today one out of three diagnostic tests performed worldwide on a 3D X-ray base is realized by means of Bracco contrast agents. A figure that represents a great source of pride for an Italian family as it is with pride that we receive the prestigious “Leonardo da Vinci Prize”.

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