Château du Clos Lucé

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Appearances in the media


French media

TF1 Journal de 20h (8.00pm News):
At Le Clos Lucé, there is a cultural park devoted to the myriad aesthetic and technical aspects of Leonardo. You can go there and enjoy testing all his inventions life-size.”
France 2 - Journal de 13h (1.00pm News):
Leonardo da Vinci, inventor and artist, now has a fun, educational park. His visions are turned into reality here – each copse is devoted to an aspect of his exploration of the world. You can set his giant machines going everywhere.”
France 3 Le 19/20 (current events programme) :
In the Parc Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo’s sketches come to life. His bizarre machines are genius! When you play with them, you can actively share in all his dreams of nature.”
Journal du Dimanche (Sunday newspaper):
Le Parc Leonardo, is da Vinci’s soul at Le Clos Lucé. The novelty is going from a historical place to a place of knowledge. It is the only place where you’ll find a concentration of information on da Vinci. His giant machines are set out with modern technology in amongst the poetic countryside on a great walk, punctuated by da Vinci’s thoughts, voiced by Jean Piat. A picture show projects the visions of the Master – civil and military engineer, architect and artist .”
Figaro  Magazine:
Léonard de Vinci et la France (Leonardo da Vinci and France)[…] The animators at the Château du Clos Lucé have called upon major international researchers, academics and historians to present an exhaustive study of the close relationship that linked Leonardo da Vinci and French culture.”
Version Femina:
Leonardo’s Garden. Good news for the admirers of Leonardo da Vinci: a new area, Leonardo’s Garden, was opened in June at the Château du Clos Lucé, last residence of the Master at Amboise.”
Le Figaro et vous (The Figaro and You – daily newspaper supplement):
The journey ends at Le Clos Lucé, 800 metres from the Château d’Amboise. Leonardo, almost ruined, found refuge at the invitation of Francis I, who awarded him a pension of 700 gold crowns. … Leonardo da Vinci died there in May 1519 in the arms of the King of France, according to legend.”
Femme Actuelle (monthly magazine):
A sumptuous setting dedicated to the giant of the Renaissance. His visionary creations come straight out of a dream: 32 canvases in the midst of nature, 12 giant machines to set going, and Leonardo’s voice accompanies you .”
Le Monde (daily newspaper):
The Château du Clos Lucé was the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci. A museum unique in the world has been created there .”
A park in homage to Leonardo da Vinci. Everyone knows the Mona Lisa, and almost everyone knows that Leonardo da Vinci, its creator, was an artist-scholar with many varied talents.”
Libération (magazine):
Le Clos Lucé, one of the top cultural enterprises in France, has opened a fun educational park to celebrate its star in every possible way.”
France Dimanche (magazine):
Leo at the peak ... .”
La Nouvelle République (magazine):
At the Parc Leonardo, the imaginary steals a march on reality. A concentration of creative genius!

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Foreign media

The Independent:
Pride of Da Vinci’s genius walks again after 500 years. This king of jungle was created to flatter a king of France. Now Leonardo’s amazing feat of engineering has been give new life.”
Art news:
Decoding Leonardo. With a spate of suggested new attributions and a theme park devoted to his work, Leonardo da Vinci remains a source of speculation, mystery, and popular appeal.”
Reuters :
Leonardo’s mechanical lion lives again at the last residence of the Renaissance genius, on the banks of the Loire.”
Cultura :
In Francia il parco dedicato a Leonardo. Sarà ricostruito il leone-robot: a grandezza naturale, camminava e muoveva la testa. Dal petto uscivano fuori.
Michela Secci :
Si tratta senza dubbio di un affascinante percorso nell’insieme dell’opera del più grande visionario di tutti i tempi.”
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